The Waterwheel In Motion

Welcome to The Waterwheel.It's been a total labour of love passionately developing a 1950's style tea room over the past two years by using reclaimed materials.

I have been in business in Howden for over 40 years and lived at Barnhill Moat Farm, which was a former monastery which dates back to the 16th century.

The buildings in which the Tea room, Orangery and charming old fashioned sweet shop are housed to look like they've stood there as long as the farmhouse itself, thanks to their characterful design and carefully chosen reclaimed materials. The cast-iron roof and ornate roman pillars which are in the house Orangery were rescued from the Roman Baths in Harrogate more than 30 years ago
The beautiful working Water wheel from which the tea room takes its name, sits on an ancient Moat that flows around the property and was shipped down to Yorkshire from Scotland 15 years ago.

The Tea room is full of reclaimed and vintage materials. The exquisite enamelled ceiling tiles and signs were sourced from a French bistro in Paris that had been damaged by fire. A vast collection of motoring memorabilia on display reflect my true passion and love for vintage vehicles I have.

I simply want to make this a memorable experience for all, and please do visit my sweet shop as you leave, it's great!

I hope you enjoy your experience with us here at The Waterwheel. Tell your friends and family about us and my team and I look forward to seeing you on your return.

Andy Kyle Managing Director